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Transcreation of online
content – where translation
meets copywriting

Have your content rewritten and edited in the translation process with transcreation. With this approach your content will be properly adapted to the respective market it’s translated for – copywriting and translation all in one.

Transcreation is perfect for:

  • Website content (B2B & B2C)
  • Blog posts (B2B & B2C)
  • Newsletters
  • SEO Titles and Meta Descriptions
  • Google ads
  • Other marketing and sales material

Create credibility and appeal to your audience in all markets with our transcreation solution.

Not your regular text translator

Transcreation is a translation where the translator also has copywriting abilities and is able to rewrite your content in the translation process so that it’s better adapted to your target market, audience and the purpose of the copy itself.

When transcreating content the linguist will work within the provided frames – character restrictions, guidelines, customers vision etc – and produce a translated text with a larger degree of rewriting, localization and editing than a creative translation. This might be a good option in cases where many restrictions apply or where a larger degree of adaptation is required in order for the content to capture and convert a potential customer.

A great solution for SEO content

The transcreation approach is especially popular with online sales and marketing content that also requires SEO keywords implementation and has character restrictions.

Existing content such as SEO Titles and Meta Descriptions or Google advertisements that are being translated into a different language often require implementation of keywords and rewriting of the translation in order to fit the message and the character limitations. For this type of character restricted SEO content, a mix of translation and copywriting is sometimes necessary in order to create high quality text with the few characters available.

A skilled transcreator can get the full potential out of a short sales text.

Transcreation – new language, different content, same message

A linguist or copywriter who specializes in transcreation of online content does research on your brand, industry and follow your guidelines in order to achieve the wanted outcome. Not only does this expert know how to do creative translation, they also rewrite and localize the content in the process.

Sometimes the output will be a completely new sentence in the target language – where the message is still intact. We usually use experienced multilingual copywriters for these jobs, as they know how to work with text in a professional and efficient but at the same time creative way.

How does transcreation work?

Most clients aren’t necessarily used to think in terms of transcreation, it’s a rather unknown term for most. But now worries, it’s part our job to understand your needs. Our Project Managers will be able to guide you and identify transcreation as a solution in the conversation with you.

Send us the text that you need translated and adapted, and the SEO keywords you want us to implement – if you have any – and we’ll send it out to one of our copywriters. Your Project Manager will also be able to give you advice on the best formats and setups for these types of projects, so that they are easier to handle on your end post transcreation.

Key takeaways

  • Translation and copywriting of your copy – all in one
  • Localization and adaptation to markets
  • Better flow and correct tone of voice
  • The preferred solution for character restricted SEO content
  • Your copy is ready to be launched on the world wide web!

Which languages do we do?

  • We do text editing in all European languages, with special focus on the Nordics

What is the cost?

We adapt our prices to our clients’ needs.