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Traditional translation – your professional translation services

For a professional translation closer to the source language. A more traditional or direct approach is often used for more informative texts that have to stay true to the source in order to avoid misinterpretation.

Need to translate a product text? Or a translation of GDPR? You’re in the right place.

Traditional translations are perfect for:

  • Product information texts
  • Manuals Technical content
  • GDPR
  • Terms and agreements
  • Legal documents

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Professional translation – in the traditional sense

A traditional translation is a more straightforward approach to the translation craft, where the translator has less creative freedom and translates closer to the source text. This is necessary when the nature of the text is more informative and created with the purpose of informing the reader of important information, where there can be no room for misinterpretation or misunderstanding.

A certain degree of adaptation and localization will always take place in any translation process, however, more hands-on type of content like a contract, privacy policy or a manual naturally requires a more professional tone and a deeper understanding and knowledge of specific terminology. That is also why we work with translators who are experts in these types of content.

How does traditional translation work?

We’ll discuss your terminology, languages, workflows, deadlines, expected volumes etc in order to accommodate your needs in the best possible way. Once a quote has been accepted by you, one of our Project Managers will take care of the rest for you and handpick the professional translator best suited to handle the respective language combination and nature of the content.

A long-term collaboration is always recommended as changing translators too frequently will disrupt the tone and terminology of your content, which can confuse potential readers. We aim to deliver on continuity and quality over time, so that you can feel safe that your technical and legal content is in good hands.

Where tradition and innovation go hand in hand

Content such as manuals, product texts or terms and agreements will often be repeated across different files. Our experienced linguists therefore use innovative translation technology tools to ensure consistency in tone and terminology – across files, over time.

We create translation memories and term bases for each client, where the translation tool is able to identify previously translated text and automatically insert identical text into a file. We utilize these tools in order to ensure efficiency and accuracy long term.

Our translation tools also allow us to work in different file formats. Manuals often come in InDesign format, whereas terms and conditions are often done in Word. No matter the format, with our tools we’ll make sure your layout is intact and will only require minimal adaptation from your team due to changes in sentence structures.

We also offer DTP work for manuals as an additional service, where the layout is being recreated or designed from scratch by our skilled graphic designer (read more about our premium solutions here).

We take care of your professional business translation

We understand that not all content is made the same.

Informative content will typically be rich in niche terminology, whether they’re legal or technical terms, and therefore also require a different type of translator and skillset. Some of our professional translators have dedicated years of their lives specializing in legal or technical content and these experts will ensure high quality translated text with all the correct terminology.

By taking a glance at your copy, our experienced Project Managers are able to identify what type of approach and translator to choose and will handpick the right vendor for you. You will save time, energy and ultimately money – as you’ll have the right person for the job right away and won’t have to spend valuable internal resources either trying to find the right vendor or post-edit the translation.

Make sure all of your translations are on point with our experienced legal and technical translators.

Key takeaways

  • Professional translations of legal and technical content
  • Use of innovative technology so that you save time, headaches and money
  • We handpick the right translator for your industry and content
  • Your content is ready to be launched on the world wide web!

Which languages do we do?

  • We do traditional translations in all European languages, with special focus on the Nordics

What is the cost?

We adapt our prices to our clients’ needs.