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Creative translations
localized to your markets

The language solution for high-quality multilingual websites and webshops.

Communicate effectively in all markets with creative translations localized to each market and adapted to your brand, and make sure that local expressions and terminologies are on point.

Creative translations are perfect for:

  • Websites and blog posts (B2C and B2B)
  • E-commerce (B2C and B2B)
  • Newsletters
  • Social media content
  • Campaigns
  • Press releases
  • Other marketing related material

Reach out to us and we’ll give you a free quote on creative translations.

How does creative translation work?

We’ll have a chat about your company tone of voice, particular wordings, slogans, terminology, workflows, deadlines, expected volumes etc in order to accommodate your needs in the best possible way. Once a quote has been accepted by you, one of our dedicated Project Managers will look more closely at your content and handpick a translator with the right skillset and experience for your industry and needs.

When it comes to creative translations a long-term collaboration is always recommended as changing translators too frequently will disrupt the tone and terminology of your content, which can confuse potential buyers. We aim to deliver on continuity and quality, so that you can feel safe that your online content is in good hands.

Request a quote online or give us a call and we’ll have a look at your content and get back to you with a non-binding quote, including price and deadline.

Content localization – compelling translations to sell

Creative translations adapt the content to your target language and market. This includes localization, or local adaptation, of country name, measurement units, currencies, terminology and expressions. A creative translation is also a freer form of translation where the translator will adapt sentences, phrases and punchlines to fit their respective language and give the copy a better flow.

A localized translation will give the reader a feeling that the content was originally written in that language, so that you can sell your product or service in any market with one text.

Website localization – make a good first impression

A localized website will give your product or service the credibility it deserves because the copy will read more naturally in the target language. Whether you need to translate to English, or into other European languages, the tone of voice in a text is crucial to appeal to your target audience, in any market.

When it comes to a webshop or a website, where text is what sells your product or service, a creative and localized translation is crucial for your brand and to appeal to your target audience.

E-commerce translation – sell your products in all markets

Online shopping has become increasingly popular, which is why your e-commerce content should be able to sell in any language. When translating website content and sales related text, flexibility in word choice and the ability to rewrite content is necessary. Not all translators are the same or have the same skillset, which makes the right choice of vendor essential to your content and sales online.

Adaptation is always required in order for a translated text to speak to its audience in their native tongue. This is also why we believe in the power of human translation and never use machine generated translations in our work, as this will disrupt the creative flow for our translators.

Creative translation agency

We specialize in creative translations for e-commerce and websites and handpick our translators for each customer to ensure that your projects are handled by a team of professional translators who are experts in online content, sales and marketing related material and understand your industry and your unique message. Over time, your team of translators will get to know your brand and products – your feedback is implemented continuously by each of your individual translators. This way, we ensure that the quality and continuity in tone of voice and terminology lasts over time.

Reach your market in its local language. Get your handpicked team today.

Key takeaways

  • Localization and adaptation to local markets
  • Better flow and correct tone of voice
  • Handpicked translators to fit your brand, niche and industry
  • Launch your adapted content on the world wide web!

Which languages do we do?

  • We do creative translations to and from all European languages, with special focus on the Nordics

What is the cost?

We adapt our prices to our clients’ needs.