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SEO translations for websites

Good websites are search engine optimized – SEO keywords play a significant part in online visibility and organic traffic to websites and webshops. Our experienced translators can assist you in implementing your desired keywords in the right places.

SEO translations are perfect for:

  • Websites and blog posts (B2C and B2B)
  • E-commerce (B2C and B2B)
  • SEO Titles & Meta Descriptions Google ads

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Multilingual website SEO – optimized content in all markets

SEO translations are translations where the translator also implements your keywords as an extra service in the translation process.

Keywords are used to rank your online content higher in search engines, such as Google, and should therefore always be implemented in website and e-commerce content. Keywords should be implemented in both the headlines and the body text. This will ensure that your content is picked up by the search engines. SEO keywords are also essential in SEO titles and Meta Descriptions and Google advertisements.

Our professional translators know how to implement your keywords in their language. Especially when it comes to SEO for multi-language website where SEO titles, metas and ads are needed in different languages and there are character restrictions, it’s advised to use an agency with experienced linguists who are able to work with fewer words and limitations.

How does SEO keyword implementation work?

Your professional translator will translate your content into the respective target language and at the same time implement your keywords into the text – some in the headers and some in the body text, depending on how many keywords there are and where you want them.

Send us your keywords in the respective target language or ask us to find them for you!

If you are missing keywords in the respective target language, our SEO experts can help find the right keywords for you based on your market, website and content. When we have found the keywords, your Project Manager will contact you for a review and selection of which words to implement in the translation.

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SEO website translation – why it’s important

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords are the words and phrases people normally use in search engines when searching for specific topics or products online. In order for your potential customers to find your specific products, offers, services or brand online, it’s essential to implement the right keywords on your website or webshop – both in the headers and the body text.

When your online content is search engine optimized, you’ll ideally be able to drive organic traffic to your website more easily over time.

There are some challenges when it comes to SEO keyword implementation. When implementing keywords these words or phrases need to be used in the exact way people search them in the text. Some keywords – like for instance “translate website” – that are missing indefinite articles often become unnatural sounding in a text. These words or phrases require an experienced translator or even copywriter in order to implement them in a way that will work for the reader.

We know how to do SEO keywords and multilingual website SEO, and our experienced linguists will gladly assist with the implementation of your desired keywords in any language.

Key takeaways

  • SEO keyword implementation for optimized content
  • Send us your keywords or let us find them for you
  • Our experienced translators translate, localize and implement your keywords
  • Your content is ready to be launched on the world wide web!

Which languages do we do?

  • We do SEO keyword implementation primarily in the Nordic languages, but we’re happy to assist with other European languages as well

What is the cost?

We adapt our prices to our clients’ needs.